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Jerrycan Containers
Our company has a sister company in Jordan Al-Ahli Plastic Factory if you want to know more about their Plastic Products just .. .
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PET Bottles
A newly produce PET bottles which is demand in the market today in the Gulf Region.NPF are now one of the producer of PET botlles don't hesitate to ask for us if you need further assistance just email us:
Expansion Factory 2nd Industrial Area Riyadh

ISO 9001-2000 Certified

Lloyd Register Quality Assurance UKAS

Quality Management System ISO 9001-2000 Certified

      Ready for Global Challenge ...

National Plastic Factory ( NPF ) has demonstrated how modern production facilities and adherence to the highest standards of quality can send stocks flying off the shelves.

NPF has experienced phenomenal growth during the past few years in production and sales, By keeping pace with the changes in technology and adapting them to meet the needs of the market, NPF has gained wide acceptance across Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC ) countries." NPF commenced commercial production in 1976 at a time when Saudi Arabia was already into the early phases of industrial diversification to complement growing income from the lucrative oil sector. NPF launched production with just a few injection and blow molding machines. But by adapting it's production systems to the latest technology it was able to manufacture products that markets with in Saudi Arabia and the region needed. As demand kept growing it became clear the existing facilities would have to be expanded which was what the company did. A new factory with state of the art technology was established in the Second Industrial Area of Riyadh mainly for producing blow-molded items such as PE and PET bottles. Also established was a most modern tool room attached to the factory and where the most sophisticated moulds could be designed and manufactured. The company also created a separate printing department with the most modern printing machines, making it possible to print in various colors on the plastic products in a single pass.

The company main production lines are injection molding and blow molding and the products range displays considerable diversity. coming off the lines are plastic pharmaceutical items, laboratory disposables, industrial containers, buckets, food containers, engineering plastic parts, electrical components, garden furniture (tables and chairs),household items, antiseptic and detergent bottles, flowerpots of various sizes and shapes for outdoor and indoor placements, bakery crates and ceiling light shades, among other things. Globalization has brought in it's own challenges, with all markets opening up and only the most competitive surviving. Therefore, constant vigil and improvement are essential for survival along with cutting-edge technology and customers satisfaction. In this world of change, there is an increasing demand for organizational efficiency, managerial accountability, client satisfaction and information sharing he added.

"The NPF of today has recognized that if it is to survive and become competitive it has to move from the present ethics to a more flexible and global approach that will allow it to reach its full potential and become more productive in the workplace and in the market place. By adopting global ethics and accelerating the transfer of knowledge, NPF will ensure brand consistency and face the challenges of the new emerging economies.






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