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First Industrial Area Main Factory and  Head Office

Address : National Plastic Factory Ltd. P.O. Box 6447 Riyadh 11442 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: 4480142 - 4480764 - 4480903 Fax: 4464936 email : our website


National Plastic Factory was established in 1976 as a small size firm,consisting of 5 small size of machines with the kind help and support of our government and their stands behind all of the manufacturer in the Kingdom.The support of the Kingdom hand in hand with the high standard of our staff,our firm has been achieving a healthy growth.Today our firm is one of the major Plastic processing companies in the Kingdom.The long term thinking of our management shifted us from a Production oriented firm to a marketing oriented firm,this has been earned us more customer satisfaction and trust.

Being a marketing oriented firm is not an easy task;it required some 80 heavy medium and light sophisticated machinery,with two main lines of production;Injection and Blow Moulding machines,and an annual production capacity of over 10,000 tons of finished products.The high standard of our technical staff is one of our major assets;also the constant improvement of our production philosophy to fullfill our marketing strategies. To help us on our constant development,heavy investment was made in a tools workshop to maintain our moulds,and also to the advantage of our marketing strategy,the workshop designs and manufactures moulds of new products,and improves existing ones. With a long vast experience in a highly competitive market we are sure that we are unique to other processing firms.Production is one thing customer satisfaction is everything.

Shaker Tawfiq Al-Taher


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